Friday, October 22, 2010

Mitochondrial Eve

Mitochondrial Eve was probably around 5’3” tall and had a medium complexion, brown hair and eyes, and had a lean build. As mankind began to hunt and need to travel after food sources rather than scavenging, different groups of humans ended up in different regions of the world. When they learned how to plant things for food, they settled in areas and stopped moving around. Once settled in their different regions, their bodies began adapting to their new ways of life and the various climates in which they lived. For example, the Inuit people are shorter and more burly with medium pigmentation in the skin due to less sun exposure and a way to keep warm, whereas someone from Ethiopia is very tall and thin with dark pigmentation to protect their skin and keep cool. The pigmentation of hair, skin, and eyes began to change globally, as well as the physical shape of the different tribes. In a thousand years, people will probably be varied in height still due to various locations, but for the most part the average will probably be about 5’6” and most people will have brown hair and eyes and medium complexion skin.
The Inuit male is from a northern region. They spend much time outside, which explains the pigmentation. The Build is short and robust, to keep warm against the weather.
The Egyptian male has medium toned skin, dark hair and eyes. He is average height and thin, but not as thin as the Ethiopian male.
The Ethiopian male has dark pigmentation of the eyes, skin, and hair. He is tall and thin due to lots of sun and heat exposure.
The Netherlandish male has pale hair, skin, and eyes. He has a very developed frame to support the colder climate.
The Indian male has darker skin than the Egyptian male, but not darker than the Ethiopian male. He is thin and relatively tall and lives in a hot climate.
The Chilean male has medium toned skin with a bit redder of a color than the Indian and Egyptian men. He is of average build and height, seeing as Chile stretches nearly the length of South America and has various climates.

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